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Our Team

A century of railway experience.

Flexibility is the key word.

Since 1924 in Barcelona, until the latest projects in Asturias, Valencia or Madrid, Enyse and its predecessors have developed a working method based in the highest level of adaptation to functional and operational needs of the various railways – flexibility is the key word.

In an industry increasingly integrating more diverse technology, the required Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety standards not only apply to system design level, but are the actual premises to properly implementing and commissioning turn-key Signalling projects.

Enyse has the ability to work in all phases of a project, from conception and design to manufacturing and maintenance of Safety installations, both for proprietary and subcontracted technologies.

Enyse’s human capital, track record and relationship with the railway companies of the group it belongs to, make it capable of offering a wide range of systems and services including Signalling but also power, telecomms or the maintenance of all electromechanical systems along any type of railway line – conventional, freight, high speed, …